Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

BK AIR SYSTEMS is a leading supplier of energy efficient air cooling, ventilation & duct collection solutions for residential and commercial buildings, industrial applications and infrastructures. BKAIR COOLING AND VENTILATION SYSTEMS has been a recognized name in Delhi/NCR region's HVAC system manufacturers. B.K.AIR SYSTEMS has specialized in the design, development and installation of industrial air pollution control equipment and has become firmly established as a leading supplier. B.K.AIR SYSTEMS has developed a technically advanced product line to obviate the most complex particulate and gaseous emission problems to atmosphere. B.K.AIR SYSTEMS is complete solution company with respect to Dust, Fume, Air cooling and Ventilation Systems. With a strong engineering and design set up and efficient project management, we provide quality services and support to ensure that you get a reliable.

We, at BK Air Systems, are roof extractors manufacturers in Delhi as well as suppliers of the same in Delhi, UP and other states. BK Air Systems fans are made from innovative technology and premium quality cast aluminum alloy that consists of aerofoil section blades to provide ventilation. At the same time, they effectively remove heat, humidity and polluted air. These roof extractors are widely used in the industrial units.

BK Air Systems believes in creating value for customers simply by understanding their needs and delivering expectations. BK Air Systems products are of high quality, competitive prices and of international standards that we are proud to present here on this website. However, we will not stop here; Thinking of you has made us invest in the best inputs on the entire range of air cooling, ventilation and dust collection spectrum.

It also helps us offer you the right product from the entire range of our systems, so that you get precisely what you need, we are committed to provide our customers good quality service and products. Our key strategy is to achieve better customer service by recognizing our customers importance and their requirements. Our engineers continuously research and develop the most effective solution to meet our customers Air cooling, ventilation & dust collection needs.

Air cooling is used for the customer’s requirement, as a Air cooling manufacturers in UP, we ensure that our products offer safety for the user and follow strict manufacturing standards. The use of Air cooling not only prevent the spreading of paint but also lowers the risk of spreading fire, pollution, etc. Easy to install and assemble, our spray painting booths are made from durable and strong material to withstand all weather conditions.