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Cyclone Dust Collector

Cyclone Dust Collator Manufacturers

BK Air Systems is the cyclone dust collector manufacturers and suppliers in Delhi, India, that provide various types of wind ventilators that are designed to exhaust all the industrial pollution including smoke, gases, humidity, fumes, heat, dust, and other irritants from the factory, industrial unit or other covered areas. At the same time.

Cyclone Dust collector are Mechanical Separator using inertia effect and Centrifugal force to separate large dusts and useful particles in industrial applications. Cyclone dust collectors is an air pollution control equipment used to remove large dust particles from industrial process exhausts. Cyclone Dust collector r is also same and uses centrifugal forces to collect useful particles in product recovery. Both are one and same, only application differs. The efficiency of Cyclone collectors is high with higher particle size and are normally used as primary collectors in multistage filtration application. In some applications, a properly designed high efficient Cyclone Separator with added filter bags or filter cartridges fitted at exhausts serves as a main collectors.

Cyclone Dust Collectors Application:

  • Sandblasting, Grit and shot blasting
  • Bag tube Packers
  • Belt Conveyors
  • Shake out conveyor
  • Bins & Bucket elevators
  • Floor gate, Grinders
  • Mixers, foundry
  • Food processing Industry
  • Paper and Pulp Industry
  • Bulk powder processing industry

How Cyclone Dust Collectors Work

The incoming dirty air enters the cyclone and spins quickly as it moves down and then back up the unit on its way to the exiting through the outlet. The centrifugal force generated by spinning the air and it changing directions repeatedly causing the larger dust particles to be flung outwards where they strike the side of the unit and then fall down towards the discharge. The most common style cyclone creates a dual vortex, a main downward vortex to disperse the coarser matter, and a secondary upward vortex to remove the finer particles on the return to the outlet to the duct system.

Bkair Systems as with the other kinds of inertial separators like knockout chambers, baffle plates, this systems main advantage is the lack of moving parts thus requiring less maintenance and repair. While it can be designed to remove a specific size range of particles, it still remains best used as a pre-cleaner to eliminate coarse particles and ease the load on more efficient fabric filter units further downstream.

Cyclones are additionally offered with exceptional wear liners and protections to suit your prerequisites and can be utilized for an extensive variety of uses in the accompanying industries.

Design features:

We provide solid metal collecting tubes wear longer than tubes fabricated from different materials. Exceptional composite gathering tubes and vanes are accessible for high temperature or extreme disintegration applications.

The Cyclone Dust collector offers many unique features and benefits, including:

  • Minimal labor costs
  • Long-lasting collecting tube life
  • Reliable operation
  • Simple modular construction
  • Versatile application