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Turbo Ventilators

Turbo Ventilators Manufacturers

BK Air Systems is the turbo ventilators manufacturers and suppliers in Delhi that provide various types of wind ventilators that are designed to exhaust all the industrial pollution including smoke, gases, humidity, fumes, heat, dust, and other irritants from the factory, industrial unit or other covered areas. At the same time, these turbo ventilators provide a safe, healthy and cool environment within the area and promote fresh air inside. These turbo ventilators do not require electricity to operate, as they run using the natural wind energy for 24 hours a day throughout the year. These ventilators can be easily installed on various buildings such as warehouse, workshops, factories, garages, kitchen, etc. to maintain the temperature and ward off pollutants as well as heat.

BK AIR SYSTEMS is engaged into the manufacturing of the wide range of Wind Ventilators, which are specially fabricated in compliance with international quality standards. These are processed using finest quality raw material. These are efficient in rendering comfortable working environment through proper ventilation and enhance the architectural and aesthetic appearance of the building.

Turbo Ventilators Wind Ventilators works only on natural wind energy without any electricity or generator. Additional benefits of Wind Ventilators are that these roof wind ventilators assure ventilation for 24 hour, 365 days ,that remove foul smell and maintain a hygienic condition.

Why BKAIR Wind Ventilator?

  1. Intricate design to ensure maximum rigidity and minimum weight.
  2. No maintenance cost
  3. Low cost of installation
  4. No accidental hazards like fire due to short-circuits, electrical shocks
  5. Can be fitted to any type of roofing profile
  6. Trouble free and smooth operation even at low wind velocities.
  7. Vanes specially formed to deflect rain and any other water/foreign particles and ensure maximum hot air discharge
  8. Unique pivotal blades to offer maximum weather protection.
  9. Replaces hot air, humidity, stale air, smoke, dust and gas fumes with fresh ambient air.
  10. Releases suffocation
  11. Noiseless and cost effective

As the best turbo ventilators manufacturers in India, it is our duty to ensure that we provide premium quality products to fulfil the demand of the industry and follow the prescribed manufacturing standards. Thus, even a very low speed of wind velocity is able to maintain the suction. These turbo ventilators are made from durable and strong aluminium and stainless steel while maintaining minimum weight even with the pivotal weight. These economical turbo ventilators prevent the entry of rain and other particles within the covered area.

Based on the customer’s requirement, as a Turbo Ventilators manufacturers and suppliers in UP, we ensure that our products offer safety for the user and follow strict manufacturing standards. The use of Turbo Ventilators not only prevent the spreading of paint but also lowers the risk of spreading fire, pollution, etc. Easy to install and assemble, our spray painting booths are made from durable and strong material to withstand all weather conditions.