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Spray Painting Booth

Spray Painting Booth

BK Air Systems is the leading spray painting booth manufacturers and suppliers in India, Delhi, who provide spray paint booths of various size that can be customised to suit the needs of the industrial unit or factory. They provide automatic pray pain coating to and designed with innovative technology. These spray painting booths are perfect to avoid fumes from spreading in the area and maintain the surroundings free from the unwanted or wasted spray paint. With such spray painting booths, you do not require messy pumps, nozzles or filters to paint the products, equipment, etc.

These spray painting booths are available in different varieties such as:

  • DRY Type - with filtration system
  • DRY Type - with the water tank system
  • Wet Type- with water tank, waterfall system and non-standard application.

Spray painting booths are used for doing coatings of paint on products and equipments in various industries. BKAIR Spray Painting Booths has high efficiency and low power consumption. The booths are made in panel construction, thus easy to maintain. Spray Painting Booth BK Air Systems can design special booths depend on the requirement and application. The industry is benefited by using these booths as it not only improves working condition and also the products finish.

BK Air Systems is manufacturing a wide range of Spray Painting Booths such as DRY Type - with filtration system, DRY Type - with water tank system, Wet Type- with water tank & water fall system and non-standard application. This equipment is environmental friendly as the painting area and outside is free from volatile vapors and pigments.

Our spray painting booths maintain an average air flow rate (measured when the booth is empty) of :

  • 0.3 m/s for full down draft booths
  • 0.4 m/s for electrostatic spray painting booths

Based on the customer’s requirement, as a spray painting booth manufacturers and suppliers in UP, Delhi, India, we ensure that our products offer safety for the user and follow strict manufacturing standards. The use of spray painting booths not only prevent the spreading of paint but also lowers the risk of spreading fire, pollution, etc. Easy to install and assemble, our spray painting booths are made from durable and strong material to withstand all weather conditions. Apart from above, we also provide pressurization / air replacement units and dust Proofing system having built-in air cooling chambers.