Roof Extractor

The vanes turn because the heated air exerts a force on them in the opposite direction as it tries to escape the turbine. The suction caused by the turbine's rotation sucks in more heated air from the room. When the turbine is assisted by the wind blowing over the rooftop, the turbine's rotating speed (RPM) increases.

We, at BK Air Systems, are roof extractor manufacturer and suppliers in India as well as suppliers of the same in Delhi, UP and other states. Roof Extractor fans are made from innovative technology and premium quality cast aluminium alloy that consists of aerofoil section blades to provide ventilation. At the same time, they effectively remove heat, humidity and polluted air. These roof extractors are widely used in the industrial units, factories etc. and are able to induce airflow within the infrastructure by the centrifugal force when they are rotating.

Does it hold true that openings in the roof are helpful?

Is it true that roof ventilation actually provides a benefit?

Absolutely. When done right, roof ventilation can be a useful tool in maintaining a comfortable indoor climate. On the other hand, this strategy of Roof Extractor Suppliers in UP, Delhi, India only works if it is implemented accurately.

Ventilation systems that are made to exhaust air outdoors can be used to remove the excess heat and moisture from a roof area. Depending on your needs, you can choose from several different roof ventilators and installation kits. Heat can build up in your roof space if it isn't properly ventilated, which could make the ceiling uncomfortable to stand under on really hot days. This will make the cost of maintaining a comfortable temperature in the home skyrocket. If less heat is created in the attic, your air conditioner will have an easier time maintaining a comfortable inside temperature.

The Roof Extractor is a motor driven fan unit having cast aluminum alloy impeller, aerofoil section blades. This fan is mostly placed on the roof of the department for general ventilation through roof and the fan and motor are covered with proper weather proof cowl. Roof Extractor This fan is ideal for extraction of air supply through the roof, usually preferable in factories, power plant, steel plant, industrial building and foundries etc.

Features of Roof Extractor

  1. Fan Size: 500Ø to 1200Ø mm
  2. Flow rates up to 100000 cmh
  3. Pressures up to 600Pa

Application of Roof Extractor

Roof Extractor Manufacturers

Finds application in extraction of air supply through roofs/ridges in industrial building, factories, power plants, steel plants, foundries etc.

So, why should you choose us?

Roof exhaust and supply air fans are used in commercial and industrial environments to remove heat, steam, or dust. All of the fans Roof Extractor Manufacturers in UP, Delhi, India sell are impervious to the elements and can be set up in no time. We manufacture and supply vertical discharge fans, curb base hooded fans, and profile base hooded fans as the three most common types of industrial roof fans.

These roof fans remove hot air from a room as it climbs to the ceiling, which helps to reduce humidity levels within the space. Any corporate or industrial facility, from hospitals and office buildings to manufacturing facilities and warehouses, can profit enormously from the installation of a vertical discharge exhaust fan.

These Roof extractors come with advanced features to provide ventilation solutions when mounted on the roof. Made from excellent designs, they offer smooth functioning with durability and longer life of the operation. Moreover, they are easy to install on almost all types of the roof made from any material including concrete or metal. As the roof extractor manufacturers and suppliers in Delhi, India, we ensure the roof extractors meet the quality standards and industry norms. At the same time, their unique designs do not let the air from entering inside. They maintain a hygienic environment as well as remove the foul smell from spreading. They are leak proof and will not allow water to seep in from the roof.

Based on the customer’s requirement, as a roof extractors manufacturers and suppliers in UP, Delhi, India, we ensure that our products offer safety for the user and follow strict manufacturing standards. The use of roof extractors not only prevent the spreading of paint but also lowers the risk of spreading fire, pollution, etc. Easy to install and assemble, our spray painting booths are made from durable and strong material to withstand all weather conditions.