Axial Flow Fans Suppliers

Axial Flow Fans Suppliers

We, at BK Air Systems, are axial flow fans suppliers in UP, Delhi, India as well as suppliers of the same in UP, Delhi, India and other states. The impeller with its characteristic sickle shaped blades is designed for optimal aerodynamic performance and most efficient operation. The use of high-end materials and modern production methods allow for the unique shape of the blades – a factor contributing significantly to the excellent performance of the axial flow fan. A special nano-coating prevents dust deposits during operation to keep efficiency constant at maximum level at all time.


  • Higher efficiency – lower power consumption
  • Aerodynamic aluminum blades
  • Corrosion free design
  • Higher fan capacity
  • Wide range of configurations for best fitting operation point
  • Sturdy industrial design
  • Nano-coating for increased efficiency
  • Reduced noise level
  • Adjustable blade pitch angles

High-strength, Die-cast Aluminium hubs are combined with our high-efficiency blade profiles of variable pitch and fixed pitch type. Machining, assembly, trimming and balancing are performed using the best processes and ISO 9001:2015 certified conditions to create the perfect axial fan to match particular needs of a customer.

  • Airflow Direction : Air flowing from motor to impeller are fitted as standard. Air flowing from impeller to motor can be supplied on request.
  • Static Pressure: upto 100 mm.wg. in single stage. Higher pressures are possible on multi-stage versions, contra-rotating.
  • Comprehensive choice of diameters: Ranges from 250 mm to 1600 mm (10” to 64 ”).
  • Capable of handling flow rates up to 1,50,000 CMH.
  • Inspection Door / View Port is provided as standard.
  • Suitable for Outdoor and Indoor Applications.