Spray Painting Booth Manufacturers

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A spray booth is a specially designed equipment used to house spray and isolation of the expelled capote that is generated during the air application process. The use of spray paints ensures that the process of painting is much faster, safer, and cleaner. The most important point about this is to keep your employees and environment safe while working.

Spray painting booth manufacturers in UP, Delhi, India made a spray booth like a cabin with double skinned insulated panels having a polyester front and door. The polyester gives a proper finishing to the cabin so that it is easy to use without any accidents.

Spray booths maintain a proper environment and a better spray process for the product. It also consumes time and gives a sleeker finish to it. The Spray painting booth manufacturers in UP, Delhi, India made its wall white so that it increases the reflectability of light and makes it easy to see your paints. If there is a negative temperature in the environment then the booth starts sucking the external air as much as it can including dirt and mist. To manage the negative temperature a unit is used to supply air to replace the air exhausted.

There are two types of filter spray paint booths. One is painted booth ventilation that gives proper ventilation to the booths and removes all the dirt or dust from it before it enters the general environment and the other one is an intake filter that catches the dirt, dust, insects, or other contaminants before entering in the paint booth.

There are other types of spray painting booths that are also available like DRY with filtration, DRY type with a water tank system, and WET type with waterfall, water tank, and non-standard applications. These are easy to install and also helps in preventing fire, pollution, etc.