Pulse Jet Bag Dust Collector Manufacturers

Pulse Jet Bag Dust Collector Manufacturers


Bkair dust collector is a kind of units combination dust removal machine, featured as large gas volume treatment, high filtering speed, 99% dust collection efficiency, reliable operation.

Working Principle

The dusty air is sucked in ash bucket of each chamber by fan, under the action of diversion system, the large particles will be separated from the gas and directly drop into ash bucket, while the other dust along with the gas will sucked into middle chamber-filtering area to finish filtration process, then the clean gas through the filter bags, upper chamber, poppet valve, discharged out by outlet. With this filtration process time and time again, the dust on surface of filter bags is accumulated too much to influence the collection efficiency, the PLC will control the de-dusting device, to open the pulse valves to blow off the dust on bags' surface into ash bucket, then unloaded by rotary valve. This type dust filter has bypass flue duct, when the boiler begins to work, open this bypass duct to avoid the filter bags burning accident.

Our Projects

  • 10 ton steam boiler and 4 ton steam boiler (3 sets)
  • gas volume: 10 ton - 32000 m3/h 4 ton - 15000 m3/h
  • gas temperature: <=180 degrees
  • SO2 emission concentration < 200 mg/nm3
  • collection efficiency > 99.9%
  • fume emission concentration<50mg/nm3
  • ringelman emittance <1

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